Used Cars Buying Tips

A used car can Classified as a previously owned vehicle or a second hand car and it is a vehicle that has previously had one or more retail owners. Used cars are sold through a kind of outlets, including franchise and independent car dealers of cars, rental car companies, leasing offices, auctions, and private party sales. Some car retailers offer “no-cheapen prices,” “certified” used cars, and extended service plans or warranties. The growth of the Internet has increases the availability of information on the prices of used cars. This information was once only available in trade publications that dealers had access to. There are now a great number of sources for used car pricing. Multiple sources of used car pricing means that listed values from different sources may clash. Each pricing guide receiving data from different sources and makes different judgments about that data. Used car buying can become a tension free task if you come through some of our expert tips. Follow we explain you how you should buy old used car easily.

Short List – Decisions

1. Your Budget

Your budget is the main factor that you should take into consideration before making a buying decision. Only Choose to look at only those used cars that come into your previously estimated budget. Occasionally the price quoted may be a few thousand more than what the seller is expecting, so you can select accordingly. In case you are looking at Equated Monthly Installment options (EMI), then use online resources that help you calculate your monthly EMI based on the amount of loan your budget can take.

2. Type of Vehicle

It is very vital that you know what “kind” of car you are looking for and what are the basic requirements that you want your four-wheeler to complete for you. Make sure on whether you want a family sedan that fits 4 to 5 person comfortable or a sporty SUV to  hold long distances or travel more, a small car that fits 4 persons and gives good fuel economy and is best for city-driving. Other than the kind of car, it is also important that you decide on whether you are more convenient with a petrol or diesel engine.

3. Mileage

With fluctuating fuel prices, mileage has become a key concern while making a car purchase decision. Visit various online car portals to find out what the estimated mileage of the type of cars you are looking at is. Assume that the car will give you approximately 2 to 4 km/liter less than the estimated mileage shown on the Internet.

Finding – Used Car Seller

1.You can take a look on the Internet for used car you can fill your requirements about vehicle and let the internet portal search what you want it will help you to contact the dealer closest to you and give them your contact details for further more interactions.

2. You can also check via various used car classifieds in the newspaper and magazines and check the options that you feel is the best for you. These classifieds have the names and contact numbers detail of the seller. Most of these sellers are private sellers of the vehicle and cause of that you can save some amount that is otherwise paid to the broker.

3. Now days many car manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, and Toyota have their own faculties of used car business. You can directly contact the dealers of these manufacturers for your car purchase via their contact info on their websites. You can even contact used car dealers that are not associated with any specific brand, but ensure that you always deal with large or known used car dealers.

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After Research of Used Car

When you decide about that what kind of requirement you need in a car next step is to short list the selected cars. Because you can find all the information on the internet for the dealer and the car you need rather than finding out with your own. This not only saves your time but also help to have a close look to your choice of vehicles you need.

First, check out the different websites and the newspapers for your choice of car model which suits. When you have 8 to 10 cars listed on your list then check out the photography and other detail on the internet and read the reviews online about that car model, their service stations and performance. Take a deep look to the market value of the car and see how they rate the performance. for this detail contact the dealer of the car or use internet for the fair views. At the end at least finalize the three option of the car from which you wish to buy one of these.

Check Out The Car History

First, Check the car insurance papers and vehicle history report. These documents express details related to the  Concordant car and its road history, such as if the car has been in any accidents or if it has seen any kind of technical faults. Also make sure that the car owner has the original Registration Certificate (RC). An original copy of the vehicle warranty and maintenance certificate is also an essential component that the seller should be able to show you while selling the car.

Second, If the car has crossed three years, then don’t give a second thought on buying the car. Used cars that are older than 3 years will cause utter difficulties when you apply for car finance or car insurance, besides the car may not be certified.

Third, Check the distance the car been done till date. A petrol car should average a distance of 12,000 km/year, while a diesel car should average about 15,000 km/year. You can exempt these figures by 10% based on the condition and maintenance of the car or the price of the car as quoted. if a car has done more than these indicated distances on a yearly basis, then it is advisable that you not buy the car. If a car has covered more than 50,000 km in 3 years, then do not purchase the car, unless it is available for very cheap price for you.

Fourth, Used car is a fair purchase if it is owned by a single owner but if multiple owners have already driven the car, the performance and mileage may be vary on circumstances. Therefore, it is preferable to stick to a car that has a individual ownership history.

Check – The Conditions Of  The Car

Interior Check

First, You have to check the condition of the engine, serious accidents leave signs on the engine. If the engine is not same as it displayed on the document then ask for the reason why the engine is changed. After this check the Quality of the steering wheel, Brake paddles or dashboard, check the Quality of the inner instruments and features provided. Also check the paint job and Quality of the seat cover in it, which result in providing you the ride quality inside of the car.

Exterior check

See the Exterior of the car that i has been properly cleaned on maintained and check the scratch, Dents and damages on it. Also check the tyres of the cars and if there is any problem in it then ask for the reason or if the tyres are not matches with the other tyres then ask for the reason why they have been replaced. after that check the condition of the bonnet, if there is any type of accidental sign then the bonnet must be done a paint job in it or the part is replaced.

Test Drive The Car

After the all above checks are completed you should take the test drive of the car before purchase. following are the factors you should considered on the test drive:

1. Check the efficiency of the ignition system, it should start at first attempt without any problem.

2. Must pay attention to the smoothness of the steering wheel, brake, clutch and gear shift.

3. check if there is any kind of unwanted noise and vibration inside the vehicle on different speed levels.

4. Must check for efficiency of acceleration and deceleration.

Negotiation And Making The Deal

After seeing and evaluating all the conditions of the car model you about to buy, first come to a negotiation to make a final deal. Follow we show you some point how to do that..

First : Find a better comfortable place where you can talk about your offer price to him, you know the market price of the and the maximum price you willing to pay but start you negotiation with the cheapest price you will pay for the car.

Second : Increase the price if the seller seems to be not satisfy and not willing to give his car on that price, according to the conditions and the performance of the car.

Third : After satisfying yourself and seller then go to the mode of payment, you should always make the payment through Demand draft and avoid the payment through cash.

Fourth : Be logical when dealing with legal formalities and make sure that you get the car transferred to your own name and complete all RTO formalities before making the final payment.

Fifth : Once the car is on your name then it will be good if you provide your car proper service, battery checkup and engine oil.

We hope now you are able to handle the deal which your are about to bought from the seller, Hope you have liked our post regarding the How To Choose From The Used Cars And Tips To Buy a Car. I feel this post is helpful to you then it may help many other of your friends, so do share our Tips to select best Used Cars on the Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms you use.

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