Toyota Etios Diesel Model Review in Detail

Toyota Etios is one of the best popular car in Indian Auto Market and giving best performance. It has nice interior and exterior as well. It comes in both model petrol and diesel. The diesel models has four different variants that is JD, GD, VD and VXD. Etios caught many people in India and win their heart by showing it quality and features. Toyota offering warranty of 3 years or 100000 kilometers which can be extended at some extra amount. In this post we are going to share about Toyota Etios Diesel Model Review in Detail with you so that you can improve your hold about Toyota Etios.


Toyota Etios Hd pic of interior

Toyota Etios Hd pic of interior

The quirky dashboard design  does take some getting used to, but once you get accustomed to the new layout, the change is actually quite welcome. Surprisingly, for all the chopping and changing, the functionality of the cabin is brilliant. The chunky steering with its dimpled finish feels terrific and the white semi-circular speedo and tachometer are quite distinctive, especially when lit up at night. The driver can smoothly adjust the height of the seat which is a rare feature to spot. The meter has been combined with the clock and has an LCD display. The finely finished drapery and two color theme is a treat for the eyes. The central dashboard has been fitted nicely with gear box and glass holder. Inside rear view mirror is an added advantage. The infotainment system also has a remote for controlling it, in addition to Bluetooth and USB Aux in. The side mirrors are also electrically adjustable just like the windows.

The Etios diesel’s interiors are unchanged from the petrol sibling and you get the same airy and spacious cabin. The front and rear seats are both big and wide, offering excellent back and thigh support. There is plenty of leg and headroom around as well. Since the Etios is almost as wide as a Camry, sitting three abreast at the rear is quite a comfy affair. And making life easy for the middle passenger is the flat floor and well-designed backrest. However, what these seats lack is good lateral support and passengers do slide around a bit on the flat and firm surfaces if you corner hard. There are no proper headrests in the rear and no central armrest either. However, the spacious seats, the perfect backrest angle and the ‘hip’ point translate into a comfortable sitting posture. A very striking feature of Toyota Etios is the presence of airbags for the safety of passengers. It’s not just passenger space that’s class-leading. Storage space is phenomenal too.

Apart from the massive cooled glove-box, there are lots of useful cubbyholes, generous door pockets and seven bottle-holders! To top it off the Etios has a 595-litre boot which can easily swallow the luggage of five passengers on a long holiday. At the same time, features like dual front airbags and driver’s seat-belt notification is now available as standard for all the variants. While the top end variant is also incorporated with rear parking sensors and electrically adjustable outside mirrors. It is currently available with petrol and diesel engine options for the buyers to choose from. This sedan has a lot of leg and shoulder space inside, which can provide comfortable seating for five passengers. It is bestowed with a number of comfort features including an AC unit, electric power steering, height adjustable driver’s seat and rear defogger.

However, most of these features are available for mid and top end variants only. The company is also offering a leather wrapped multi-functional steering wheel as a standard fitment to the top end variant. This Toyota Etios sedan is bestowed with a few protective features like an engine immobilizer system and door ajar warning. However, there are plenty of low-rent bits as well. The dashboard plastics don’t have a quality feel, the air-con controls look like they have been lifted from an old Maruti, and the cable-type headlamp height adjuster looks tacky. Then, the carpets are very basic and the sun visors look cheap too. Why Toyota has painted many bits in lipstick red is anybody’s guess. It looks too loud and is at odds with the conservative nature of this car.


Toyota Etios HD Photo

Toyota Etios HD Photo

In terms of exteriors, this sedan gets a brand new radiator grille with chrome treatment. The base trim also has a new grille, but it is done up in body color. While the other exterior features like headlight cluster, alloy wheels, bumper and tailgate remains to be unchanged. However, the car maker is offering the alloy wheels as a standard feature to the top end variant only. The insides of this sedan are now bestowed with a lot of chrome inserts, which adds to its elegance. The manufacturer has also made some changes to the interiors by covering the seats and door panels with new fabric upholstery. However, Toyota has tried to add some visual drama. The only distinctive bits of the Etios are the boomerang-shaped grille, the bulge on the hood, and a prominent crease that runs across the doors.

Toyota has added a chrome strip at the rear to break the mass of the boot. But the triangular tail-lamps and the large mass of the boot make this difficult to achieve. The design of its dashboard and other interior aspects have been retained from the outgoing model. The Etios disappoints though is in its ordinary exteriors. Not many would call the Etios ugly but even fewer would call it pretty and if there is one area where the Toyota is at a disadvantage, it’s with the styling. The meek-looking headlights, simple body lines and a bulky boot won’t turn heads. The ORVM can be electrically adjusted. The armrest are endowed with a wooden polish. The pearl white color is an add-on to the peaceful color themes adopted by Toyota Etios like the symphony silver, harmony beige etc.

The front grill has been modified to look bolder and to impose the authenticity of Toyota Etios, while completing the Toyota logo very well. What really catches your eye on the spec sheet is the Etios’ unreal 1005kg kerb weight. And when you consider its generous dimensions, especially the 2550mm wheelbase, this achievement is even more astonishing. It’s easy to see how Toyota has chopped the flab. Look closely and you can spot some obvious weight and cost saving measures. The door handles are of the grab-type, there’s no rear quarter-glass, the rubber beading for the door is missing as is the engine cover, there’s only one horn and a single wiper.


Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios Dashboard

The Etios is pretty nimble for its size and easy to punt around town, thanks to a tight turning circle and super-light electric steering. However, the steering which is totally devoid of feel doesn’t give much feedback. With plenty of turns lock to lock, it’s quite slow and there’s a dead zone around the straight-ahead position which makes you feel disconnected from the road. With a weighty diesel engine up front, the steering has become a bit heavier but it is still too light at speed. For a car that doesn’t have sporting pretensions, the Etios is quite stiffly sprung but there’s a reason for that. High-speed stability was a priority for Toyota and hence a firm suspension set-up for better control was chosen.

At low speeds, this has compromised the ride quality a bit which feels a bit jiggly over uneven surfaces but it’s not to the point of being jarring. Accentuating the stiff-kneed ride is a fair amount of road noise that filters through. Tyre noise and clunks from the suspension are quite audible, much of which is down to insufficient under-body insulation. Up the pace and the ride smooth and in fact is quite comfortable for the most part. The Etios cruises with a flat and consistent poise which gives the driver a huge amount of confidence, especially at highway speeds. With a full load too, the suspension copes well and the saloon feels planted over most road surfaces.


Toyota Etios engine pic

Toyota Etios engine pic

The Etios motor is quite noisy too and you can hear a loud clatter at idle and the engine sounds gruff when worked hard. It’s only when you are cruising that the drone subsides but you can never get away from the the fact that there is a diesel engine under the hood. It’s not just insufficient sound insulation that is the reason for the high noise levels. Our timing equipment confirms this and the Etios takes a leisurely 15.88 seconds to reach 100kph, which is more than a second down on the Manza. while it struggles to its top speed of 163kph. Even in the in-gear sprints, the Toyota lags behind the Tata. Unlike other cars which have their exhaust manifold in the front of the engine, the D-4D engine’s manifold is near the firewall and closer to the cabin as a result. With power tapering off as early as 3800rpm, you have a very small powerband to play with and the Etios’ performance is a far cry from that of the Swift Dzire and Indigo Manza.

The five-speed gearbox though has a light action. It slots into gear easily and has slick shifts. It’s only on the highway that you feel the lack of power and you have to constantly shift gears to keep the motor on the boil. All the petrol trims are equipped with a 1.5-litre engine, while the diesel variants have a 1.4-litre mill. Both these engines have been mated with a five speed manual transmission gearbox. These engines have been retained from the outgoing model without any updates to its specifications. The petrol version’s engine is a 4-Cylinder 16V, DOHC and the diesel version’s engine is a 4-Cylinder 8V, SOHC, D-4D. 1496 cc and 1364 cc are the engine capacities of petrol and diesel engines. The maximum power generated in petrol version is 66 KW (90 PS) @ 5600rpm and in the diesel version is 50KW (68 PS) @ 3800rpm. The maximum torque generated is 132Nm (13.46 kg-m) @ 3000rpm for petrol variant and 170Nm (17.3 kg-m) @ 1800-2400rpm in diesel variant.

Efficiency & Mileage Review

Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios

All the variants gives good mileage and performance,  we would have been surprised if the Etios was anything other than very fuel efficient. It gives very impressive around 20 km/pl in the city and 23 km/pl on the highway.

Toyota Etios JD (1364 cc, Manual, Diesel), gives mileage of 23.59 km/pl on highway and 20.32 km/pl in city.

Toyota Etios GD (1364 cc, Manual, Diesel), gives mileage of 23.59 km/pl on highway and 20.32 km/pl in city.

Toyota Etios VD (1364 cc, Manual, Diesel), gives mileage of 23.59 km/pl on highway and 20.32 km/pl in city.

Toyota Etios VXD (1364 cc, Manual, Diesel), gives mileage of 23.59 km/pl on highway and 20.32 km/pl in city.


Toyota Etios

Toyota Etios

It is one of the cheapest sedan car in this segment in India. Pricing for Toyota Etios is starting from Rs.7.2-8.6 Lac.

Toyota Etios JD ₹ 7.2 Lac
Toyota Etios GD ₹ 7.5 Lac
Toyota Etios VD ₹ 8.0 Lac
Toyota Etios VXD ₹ 8.6 Lac

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