Tata Sumo Gold Diesel Model Review in Detail

Tata is the favorite brand of India that launched Sumo SUV car. This car is in the market since last 4 decades and now it got makeover and released with Tata Sumo Gold. Sumo Gold is a strong car that will impress the people. Mostly taxi companies make the most from it because it gives good mileage. With the features and its design it is easy to giving a tough fight in its segment. Company gives warranty of 3 years or 1,00,000 kilometers with it. It is the cheapest SUV in India which people like in it and the starting price for it Rs.5.9-7.5Lakh. In this post we are going to give you knowledge about Tata Sumo Gold Diesel Model Review in Detail.


Tata Sumo Gold interior

Tata Sumo Gold interior

It is equipped with stylish clear lens head lamps and body colored bumper, that gives it a distinct look. The side profile of top and mid trims are designed with fabric door trim and body colored outer handles and ORVMs, while its low level variant is equipped with vinyl door trim and non body colored door handles and ORVMs. The car’s interiors are not much to comment about either. The car has normal, not remarkable upholstery, with a fabric do. There is a dual tone dashboard with storage space, a glove compartment, and the option of getting AC vents for the rear seats as well. The car also comes with a digital clock and a digital odometer, even though a tachometer is lacking. There is a lot of space in the car. There are three rows and the last row can be folded to make space for more luggage as well. The boot space within the car is not that bad either. The interiors of this SUV are equipped with many contemporary aspects that includes AC with demister, dual AC, heater system, power windows, steering and many more.

It is also blessed with a door ajar and seat belt warning lamp, front and rear fog lamps, side intrusion beams for the safety of all the passengers. The gaps between the gear slots are so wide; you actually have to move around in your seat to engage first. The car comes with a variety of safety features, such as front and rear fog lamps, side intrusion beam, seat belt warning, rear high mounted lamp, engine immobilizer, rigid body chassis, etc.  Happily, it still does what it’s always done best, and that is providing stadium-like space for its occupants. There’s so much vertical space, you can climb in with your basket of chickens and not put it down. The interiors are a big step forward from the old car, but it still feels crude and old-school. The car has a low fuel indicator, air conditioner, optional air conditioner vents for the rear seats, rear defogger, rear window wiper, remote fuel lid opener, 12v power outlet in the central console etc.

Ergonomically it’s not perfect either – there is too much space between the pedals and the steering wheel is too high. Fit and finish is decent but the interior bits don’t feel well-built and even a brand new car rattles over rutted surfaces. The seats however, are comfortable, there is enough space in the middle row and the jump seats at the back can just about accommodate four. Furthermore, there are many comfort features that includes cup holders on glove box lid, mobile holder, floor console with hand brake. The rear end is bold with its wide windscreen and body color door handle along with bumper as well. There are few cars that match its economics. With only the Mahindra Bolero to compete with in this space, the Sumo with its decent engine, people cramming capacity and great ride is the current best in class. Mind you, that’s not saying much.


Tata Sumo Gold exterior

Tata Sumo Gold exterior

The car has a highlighted chrome plated grille, bright fog lamps, wheel caps, dark tinted windows, body colored handles, etc. This does enhance the visual appeal of the car. Press on and it will run into an aerodynamic wall at 121kph thanks to its brick-like shape. One cannot really say much about the Tata Sumo Gold’s appearance. Granted that the makeover has made the car look more muscular when compared to the old variant, but even after the makeover, the car does not look that good. It lacks a sense of style and of variation in the design. The Tata Sumo has always been a boxy car, but given the current competition (especially from cars like Mahindra Bolero) it is not a good idea for Tata to simply keep the old design of the car. The car has really high ground clearance and it is quite strong, which certainly works in its favor, especially in a country like India.


Tata Sumo Gold steering

Tata Sumo Gold steering

Tata Sumo gives better driving experience. It has power steering built in which gives a nice driving in city and also on highway road even in maximum speed. There is a bit of bounce at speed but it is never uncomfortable. The soft suspension gives the Sumo a pliant ride at low speeds and even sharp bumps are tackled with aplomb. On the highway too, it shows good composure, but road undulations tend to unsettle it. The wide dimensions, huge turning circle, heavy steering and hard clutch do not make it ideal for city commutes.


Tata Sumo Gold engine

Tata Sumo Gold engine

The TCIC diesel plant has the ability to generate a maximum power output of 69.04bhp at 3000rpm that further generates a maximum torque output of 223Nm at 1600 to 2200 rpm.Tata Motors has announced that it has received an order for 1542 Sumo Gold utility vehicles from various Police & law enforcement agencies across the country.  The Tata Sumo Gold is the new, updated version of the Tata Sumo. This version is stronger than the previous models. The Tata Sumo Gold, like its predecessor, is quite powerful and can deliver really good mileage as well. That means it’s still got a 3000rpm redline, which gives you a seriously narrow powerband to work with. Its good bits include the almost zero turbo lag and reasonably strong mid-range, so you don’t need to downshift much. This is a good thing.  Move around, shift gears, power on and you’ll see the engine runs out of steam significantly as you cross 2500rpm. the Sumo hits 100kph in a yawning 25.87 seconds. With roof mounted AC vents and double wishbone suspension, the SUV gives added comfort and ruggedness at the same time.

Under the hood, the new Sumo Gold is powered by a 3.0-litre CR4 diesel engine that churns out a maximum power output of 84bhp and 250Nm of torque. It claims to offer an impressive fuel economy of 15.3kmpl. The 2956cc four-cylinder motor, which makes 83.1bhp and 25.5kgm, is essentially the old Safari’s DiCOR unit with a few modifications. It has the ability to generate a maximum power output of 83.83bhp at 3000rpm that yields a peak torque of 250Nm at 1000 to 2000rpm. while the other variants are are available with two engine options, which are a CR4 and TCIC diesel mill for the buyers to select from. The vehicle comes equipped with several features such as updated music system with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, hands free mobile phone reception and others. Through corners, you can feel the Sumo’s bulk and high center of gravity, but that is expected from such a tall car.

The brakes are not too bad even though there is no ABS. Sound insulation is bad too and there is too much road and Tyre noise at speed. The car comes with a 2956cc displacement, TCIC Diesel engine. Both these engines are further paired with a G-76-5/4.1 with over drive transmission gearbox. Its BS IV trims have 260mm diameter of clutch, whereas the BS III variants has hydraulic 240mm clutch. It has a high ground clearance of 182mm and a minimum turning radius is 5meters.The front axle of all its trims are equipped with a double wishbone along with coil springs. The engine is capable of delivering a maximum power of 70 bhp at 3000 rpm and it can generate maximum torque of around 223 Nm at 1600 rpm.

The car has a double wishbone suspension. The problem with the car is the fact that it does not have power steering, which might make the car tough to drive in off-road areas. On the other hand, the rear axle is fitted with a parabolic leaf springs suspension. Both of these are further fitted with anti roll bars. In addition to this, the front wheels are equipped with disc brakes, while the rear rims are fitted with a drum braking system. The manufacturer has blessed this robust SUV with many stylish exterior and interior aspects. The front fascia is aggressive with its body colored front grille that is lined by a thick chrome plate and a wide air dam.

Efficiency & Mileage Review

Tata Sumo Gold test drive mileage

Tata Sumo Gold test drive mileage

Tata Sumo gives good mileage not only on highway journey but also in congested area and city. It is available in eight different variants. All are good by their performance and average and customer giving good feedback for all. The below list show average of all the models of Tata Sumo.

Tata Sumo Gold CX (2956 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 14.07 kmpl on highway and 11.03kmpl in City.

Tata Sumo Gold CX BS III (2956 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 14.07 kmpl on highway and 11.03kmpl in City.

Tata Sumo Gold EX (2956 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 14.07 kmpl on highway and 11.03kmpl in City.

Tata Sumo Gold EX BS III (2956 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 14.07 kmpl on highway and 11.03kmpl in City.

Tata Sumo Gold FX BS-IV (2956 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 14.07 kmpl on highway and 11.03kmpl in City.

Tata Sumo Gold GX (2956 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 14.07 kmpl on highway and 11.03kmpl in City.

Tata Sumo Gold LX (2956 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 14.07 kmpl on highway and 11.03kmpl in City.

Tata Sumo Gold LX BS III (2956 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 14.07 kmpl on highway and 11.03kmpl in City.

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