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The Tata Nano is a city car manufactured by Tata Motors. Made and sold in India, the Nano was initially launched with a price tag of INR 100,000 which was ultimately increased with time. Designed to feed India’s increasing middle classes away from two-wheelers. In this review we talk about all the important details of the cars which matter to a car buyer including the price, variants, design, styling, features, mileage, specifications, space, comfort, ride quality, handling, drivability and quality of interiors. We give you our comprehensive review of the Tata Nano Twist. For those strapped for time, a video review of the car is also included below.

Tata Nano Twist

Tata Nano Twist

Tata Nano Twist Exterior and Looks

Tata Nano Twist is not much different from the other variants of the Tata Nano models except for some chrome treatment given to the car at the front and the rear which is also found on the Nano LX. The features of the Nano Twist are near to Nano LX on the cosmetic front. The Nano Twist has a tall boy styling and does looks visually great. The front side is more like a happy face and the small curved chrome strip running between the headlamps gives it touch of premium look. The front bumper is large in side and has an air-dam. You can easily see the radiators and heat ex-changers behind it. The headlamps are large and clear with combination turn indicators in-built. There also also fog lamps on the Twist variant. There is one large wiper with washer mounted on the Nano unlike two we see on most cars, but compact width of the Nano makes it effective. Side profile is also interesting, there is large window glass area which gives the Nano cabin a very open air feel. You will also get body colored bumpers, outside door handles, rear view mirrors etc. However the alloy wheels you see in these pictures are not standard. It gets full wheel covers as standard and not the alloy wheels which we got on the test car which we drove. There are subtle wheel patterned on the Nano and a side body line which starts from front door and goes all the way up to the rear tail lamp cluster. Towards the lower end of the rear door you find air scoops which have been smartly covered with plastic grilles which makes it look sporty and attractive. Interestingly they are not a cosmetic feature, rather very functional and required breathing space for engine which is mounted at the rear of the car.

The rear of the Nano gets tall and sleek tail lamps combination cluster, a large bumper with grilles for the rear engine. There is a chrome strip running between the tail lamps on the rear of the Nano which by the way is not open-able. The boot compartment can be reached only from inside the car by making the rear seat down. The rear of the Nano also gets a spoiler and a high mounted stop lamp. The spoiler here is more of a cosmetic element as at 110 Km/h of top speed, there is no point of aerodynamic down-force helping the Nano twist.

Tata Nano Price and Its Variants

Tata Nano Twist Colors

Tata Nano Twist Variants

Tata Nano Twist is offered only in one variant which is the Nano Twist XT which the most feature loaded variant of the Nano. The ex-showroom Delhi price of Tata Nano Twist XT is Rs. 2.30Lakhs approx. with the on-road price close to Rs. 2.59Lakhs approx.

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Tata Nano Interior and Space

Tata Nano Twist interior

Tata Nano Twist interior

Tata Nano Twist is a amazing deal when it comes to interiors, besides being so low on exteriors segments, Nano is very space-full car. It uses the vertical space very intelligently and the packaging of the car has been done in a very smart way keeping a lot of space for the passengers.

The front seats are pail seats but the size of the seat is not large. I found it to be little uncomfortable as the curves of the seat could not hold my back properly and I was feeling a bit out of the seat. So if you have a medium to heavy built, you may not feel very comfortable on the front seats. However the headroom and visibility is very good from the driver seat. The seating position is high and gives you a good view of your surrounding.

The multimedia system on the Nano Twist is also very entertainment loaded feature rich with 4 speakers system, CD, Radio, USB, Aux-input as well as Bluetooth control for connecting with phones and also playing audio from phone over Bluetooth. The steering wheel is very normal, simple and black in color with Tata logo in middle of it. The doors are finished in dual tone trim, so are the dashboard trims. There are storage pockets around the front two seats as well. There is around 80 liter of boot space behind the rear seat, but the downside is that it is just above the engine compartment, which makes it warm. In case you need more space, you can fold the rear seat and free up 420 liter of additional space, which makes it around 500 liters of boot space at the rear of Tata Nano Twist.

Tata Nano Handling Quality

Tata Nano Twist on Road

Tata Nano Twist

The Drive comfort of the Tata Nano is not that Great but just about an average, the suspension is on the tougher side, which makes the ride a bit uncomfortable on the bad roads. But the plus side is that this tough suspension makes the handling fairly accurate. The steering feedback is good, the turning radius is short and mobility is also impressive. The Tata Nano twist handles well on high speeds, the braking performance is also very great. We are now going to talk about two vital factors – NVH and acceleration. Although being a very low cost car with a rear engine, the NVH of the car are very well controlled. The cabin noise and vibrations were very low with the windows rolled up, however, the noise of the engine is very high outside the car. The acceleration of Nano is also amazingly good, the car is very perky and fast. However, the power band is not very wide, so you may have to downshift for a quick overtake.

Tata Nano Technical Specifications and Mileage

Talking about the technical Specifications what we have here is, 2 Cylinder MPFI Petrol engine of 624 CC, power of 37 BHP @5500 RPM, Peak torque of 51 Nm @ 4000 RPM, Top speed of 105 Km/h, 4 Speed manual transmission, Electric power steering system, 12 inch wheels at both front and rear, Dimensions: 3099mm x 1495 mm x 1652 mm (LxWxH), Wheelbase: 2230 mm, Min. turning radius: 4 m.

The fuel economy of Tata Nano Twist as per ARAI is around 25 Km/pl, but during our test with AC on all the time and a lot of idling time, we got a mileage of around 16 km/pl. We believe that Nano Twist should be able to deliver between 16 to 20 km/pl in real world conditions.

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