Tata Nano – Features, Engine Specifications, Mileage, Test Drive Review & Look Pictures

People gets confused and puzzled when it comes to buy a car. They want to purchase a car which suit on their budget. People expect, a car should comfortable for their family and also should latest features on it. There are many Cars brands in the Indian market but Tata in one of the most selling brand in India. Tata Nano is design to meet the requirement of a middle class family life. It comes with the good features and also comes under the budget of a middle class man. So, for describing this car we are now going to show you Tata Nano – Features,Engine Specifications, Mileage, Test Drive Review & Look Pictures.

Tata Nano

Tata Nano2

Tata Nano


Tata Nano is very cheap price car in India.These car as taken a very long time to come into the Indian Market. This Car is very small car in its looks and Nano’s exterior looks are very pretty. Its one of the main feature is it comes under the price budget of a middle class family.

Technical Specification

Engine 624 cc, 2 cylinder, MPFI
Power 38 PS @ 5500 ± 250 rpm
Torque 51 Nm @ 4000 ± 500 rpm
Top Speed 105 km/h
Transmission                                                            forward gears, Sliding reverse gear with overdrive on 4th gear
Gears 4 Forward + 1 Reverse
Seating Capacity 4 person
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 Liter
Boot Space 80 liter

Fuel Mileage

Petrol   25km/pl
CNG 36 km/kg


It took our incredibly tight parking lot at office for the Nano Twist to first make sense. All the other cars, including the Alto 800, need at least a three-point turn to get out.But the Nano Twist, with its ability to turn on a dime, or within an 8m diameter to be precise, simply wiggles its way through narrow spaces.

On the move in city traffic, the EPS provides reasonably good feedback, allowing you to enjoy the nimbleness of the Nano without it feeling overly light.he problem is that even at moderate speeds, the EPS feels a bit over-assisted – this can be unsettling, especially in crosswinds and on uneven surfaces.There are no new mechanical changes on the Twist since 2012, when the two-cylinder, 624cc engine received some tweaks.  The last update saw a 2bhp increase in power and a 0.4kgm bump in torque, along with taller gearing, and the rev limit raised by 500rpm.


Tata Nano Back

Tata Nano Back

Tata Nano Back

Tata Nano Back

At last of speaking about the Tata nano, we can conclude this is a superb car for middle class family and with a good looks. Tata has made a great contribution to the India market for those people who wants to buy car under their budget. We hope you have liked our post about the Tata Nano – Features, Engine Specifications, Mileage, Test Drive Review & Look Pictures.