Renault Duster Petrol Model Review In Detail

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Renault Duste

Renault Duster1

Renault Duster

Renault India Pvt Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renault, France and now days offers five models in the Indian market – the premium sedans Scala and the Fluence, the luxury SUV Koleos, the SUV Duster and the premium compact car, Pulse. Renault India also exports the Duster to a growing number of right hand drive markets.

Renault cars are manufactured at the manufacturing facility located in Oragadam, Chennai, with a capacity of 480,000 units pa. Now, Renault India also has 130 dealer outlets athwart the country.

The Renault Duster is a 4 meter long SUV that is certainly one of the best cars released in year 2012. The car comes in three versions, Petrol, Diesel 85 and Diesel 110. The models available in Petrol are RXE and RXL . The car also has a really Low maintenance costs as well.


Renault Duster interior.

Renault Duster interior

The Renault Duster have the Seating capacity of 5 people. The car comes with a rear AC that has independent controls for the passengers who are sitting in the back. The car is very good on safety and the needs of the comfort of the passenger inside the car. The SUV is capable of combining the comfort of a sedan with the power and the safety provided by an SUV. One of the most unique feature of the car is the datum that there is an 8 way adjustable driver seat which will provide great comfort to the driver itself. The seating position in the car is quite high as well. This will provide the driver with a good view of the road as well.The car has leather interiors that come with independent arm rests, especially for the back row passengers.

The dashboard is really functional, but places the air-condition controls a bit low for comfortable access and the mechanically operated air-conditional switches both front and rear, also feel quite elemental. Then Duster has the uncommon positioning of the electric mirror adjuster under the handbrake lever, and audio controls on the steering column that take time getting used to. But Renault has changed the position of the power window switches from the dashboard to the doors before launching the Duster SUV in India.

The Renault Duster has plenty of space for cargo for travel in it. The boot is smartly shaped and can fill up a lot more luggage than its 475-litre capacity. Folding down the single-piece rear bench further increases the carrying capacity to 1,064 liters.


Renault Duster Exterior1

Renault Duster Exterior

The car is available in 6 colors. The colors available are metallic woodland brown, metallic fiery red, pearl supreme white, metallic moonlight silver, pearl galaxy black, metallic graphite grey etc. The car’s looks are quite impressive and subtle as well. The car has a Awesome body that comes with an independent McPherson structure. The car also comes with an anti- roll bar in the front. The car has made news amongst the young car enthusiasts for it provides for a comfortable ride for not too high a cost. One will also be able to enjoy the benefits of a sedan, a hatchback and a crossover car with the help of this one single car. The starting price, when the car released, was approximate Rs 7lakhs to Rs 11,00,000 for those who had booked the car till the end of August.

A main question is whether or not the Renault Duster matches the Indian car buyer’s image of what an SUV in India buyer should look like. Then we can say, yes it does. There are flared wheel arches, short front and rear overhangs and impressive 205mm ground clearance in this Duster. All these features add up to give the Duster a very confident posture and make it look larger than it is.

The lack of excessive detailing gives it a durable and clear look. There is a facelift, but for now, the double-barrel headlights and chrome-rich grille as well, while the graze plate and plastic cladding on the lower portion of the bumpers hint at the Duster’s off-road ability. There are more pretty added features in the smart running boards, roof rails and the kink in the rear quarter glass, though some bits like the flimsy lift-type door handles point to the strict costs the Duster is built to.


Renalt Duster Steering Wheel

Renault Duster Steering Wheel

The electric hydraulic steering doesn’t serve up much either, with some sluggish at the straight-ahead position. It is light enough at low speeds, which is a boon in city edging. Renault duster provides more comfort than any other SUV car in the segment of the Indian Automotive market. Even at highway speeds, the Duster SUV remains very calm and cool and free from any inappropriate road condition or movements. Its wide footmark and comparatively low center of gravity also come together to give it good stagnation at all speeds and also under braking. There is a little complaint we have is with the calibration of the ABS system. Hit a bump under hard braking  and the ABS kicks in instantly. Body control is also good and roll is  clearly well implied. While it is not unwieldy around Flexion.And while it may lack four-wheel-drive hardware, even this front-wheel-drive Duster is quite adept off-road, so long as you are real about its abilities. The short gearing and the 30-degree approach and 35-degree angles allow the small SUV to clamber up hillocks, and it can also wade through knee-deep water if the need arises.


Renault Duster performance

Renault Duster performance

The Petrol version has a 1.6 MPFI petrol engine and the crossover car’s petrol version can churn out 101 PS with at least 145 Nm torque. One will get a 5 speed transmission manual with all the models. The car also comes with tilt steering. The turning radius of the car is really short  5.2 m. Renault Duster comes with the two different engine variants which are as follows:

Renault Duster RxE Petrol
Renault Duster RxL Petrol

Efficiency & Mileage Review

Renault Duster Fuel Efficiency

Renault Duster Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency of the SUV car’s are Low we all know that but the Renault have made the changes “means improvement to the Mileage” in this car Duster. Duster Delivers the fuel efficiency of 10.5km/pl on the City road conditions and 13.24 km/pl on the Highway road conditions. According to ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India), the Renault Duster Petrol mileage is 13.24 kmpl. However, as per the claims by Renault, the car delivers a fuel economy of 13.24 kmpl.

The success of the Indian Duster is a very big deal for Renault. Renault has thrown merely everything at the Duster to make it a truly remarkable SUV. In fact, it’s got almost everything and the strong, in-your-face styling is sure to appeal to Indian tastes, the engines are extremely competent and the ride and handling are really well sorted. Like most Renault, the Duster is a joy to drive, which is a large part of its appeal. It may not be so strong on the practical side with its shortage of cabin space and small boot, but the compact dimensions make it city friendly and easy to park. The riding experience is going to being smooth and memorable for sure. Renault Duster will surely keep up the brand name of Renault and will even serve you better. Duster is one of the top 10 family car in the Indian Market. You can trip on to the challenging destinations in your own Duster in made for Long route journey and small family needs, such is the pretty feature of this car and is a very Special or looking modern car for the consumers to chose. These are the reviews of the experts how they thing about the Interiors, Exteriors, Handling, Performance, Efficiency & Mileage of Renault Duster. I hope you all like our post about the Renault Duster Petrol Reviews In Detail and you can share this post and follow us on Twitter for latest updates.