New Honda Civic 2016 model launch Date and pics – Details

The Honda Civic has a great range compact cars developed by Honda. Basically it is a subcompact, the Civic has gone via several generational changes in it, become both big and more expensive. It gives true comparison between the Honda Fit and Honda Accord. The first Civic model was proposed in July 1972 as a two-door model, followed by a three-door hatchback that September. With an 1169 cc diagonal engine and front-wheel drive like the British Mini, the car provided nice interior space  irregardless overall small dimensions. Initially gaining a reputation for being good mileage providing, reliable, and Eco-friendly, After some times it has become known for performance and sportiness, especially the Civic Type-R, Civic VTi,Civic GTi and Civic SiR. Now Honda is planning to produce its Brand new Civic model in the market on coming year 2016. Here are the full details regarding the New Honda Civic2016 model launch Date and picsDetails.

New Honda Civic 2016 model launch Date and pics Details

New Honda Civic 2016

The Honda Civic has been a Eager tale for India automobile market. This car made his launched in the market by storm with its amazing looks, features and Honda build quality and redundant to say it outsold its rivals. The competition simply had no answer and it was another huge hit for Honda. After a time of this gratitude for rising petrol prices and introduction of the new City, sales of the Civic slowed down. Not having a diesel was another factor in the Civic being pulled out for the Indian market. However there might be light at the end of the tunnel. The pictures that you see here are of the new 2013 Civic which incidentally is all set for a debut at the LA Auto Show. As said earlier this new look Civic has been made more sporty in order to take its rivals head on. The Civic is a big popular car all over the world. In Europe it is sold in an altogether different form of an upmarket hatch, whereas Thailand and US get the sedan version. This new Civic looks good and is packed with everything that Honda is ever known for.

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New Honda Civic 2016 model launch Date and pics Detail

New Honda Civic 2016

The 2013 Civic Sedan’s front end has a lower bumper with a horizontal chrome accent and a sportier, black honeycomb look mesh grille in it, with new united fog lights. The grille has new clear-lens corner lights which are very looky and funky. The insides look sport, futuristic and modern. Honda says there is also new clean-touch materials on the instrument panel and upper door treatment, and revised textures and panel junctions throughout the instrument panel and center console. The interior now has silver accents to make it more sporty than before. The new Civic also has lots of equipment like Bluetooth, rear view camera, Steering controls, USB and a sliding center armrest. The big plus factors like the space and comfort remain.  Honda is putting all its efforts with the Amaze sedan which is expected to be a huge landmark for the company and the Civic is not going to be here anytime soon but we expect it to come late next year or early 2014 as this is a segment that Honda cannot ignore especially since the Civic was once the champion.

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