Mahindra Quanto Diesel Model Review in Detail

Mahindra lauched many cars in Indian Motor Market but Mahindra Quanto is one of the best car. The Mahindra Quanto is mini SUV which look very nice and has a powerful engine. It is stronger like any other SUV but cheaper in its segment. Mahindra Quanto is perfect for those, who like stronge car. It is also good for people who like traveling because it is handy for long rides. This vehicle is currently offered in around six attractive body paint options for the customers to select from. It’s available in four different variants in the market that all is in Diesel engine. The price for it around Rs.6-8.3Lakh.  This is offered with a standard warranty of two years, which can be further increased for another one or two years at an additional cost. Here we are gonna share about Mahindra Quanto Diesel Model Review in Detail. Read it and get the important knowledge from here.


Mahindra Quanto interior

Mahindra Quanto interior

The interiors of the car come with a lot of features. There is plenty of legroom in the car- even in the middle and the rear rows. The car is big enough to seat 7 adults, with luggage. It comes equipped with climate control systems, power windows, courtesy lamps, foldable snack trays, electric outer rear view mirrors, rear wiper, 2DIN music system, etc. The driver’s seat can be adjusted for height as well. Other aspects like power windows, air conditioning unit and a tilt steering wheel further adds to their convenience. Besides these, it is available with a few utility based aspects that turn out useful during the journey. Some of these include cup and bottle holders, driver under seat storage space, mobile charging points and a few others that adds to the convenience. There are high quality plastic materials used inside to cabin that gives it an appealing look. It has a stylish instrument panel on the well designed dashboard, which also includes a center console and air vents as well. The company has installed it with an advanced music system that offers best in-car entertainment to its occupants.

The lofty seating position, huge glass area and low window line give the insides a very airy ambiance, underscored by the incredibly generous amount of space. The middle row is particularly roomy, but the seatback is a bit too upright and the cushioning is a bit too flat and hard. In fact, Mahindra has done well when it comes to storage space around the cabin – there’s a useful box under the driver’s seat, foldable trays for the middle-seat passengers, and space below the second-row seat that is good to store two soft bags. As for the last pair of seats, the side-facing position, tight space, knees-up seating position and near-vertical backrests make these usable only for short drives and their safety in the event of a rear impact is questionable. It has a large fuel tank, while the luggage compartment is also quite spacious. This SUV is designed with a huge cabin space that is packed with a number of interesting aspects. There are well cushioned seats available with fine quality fabric upholstery.

The front and rear doors are also carried over from the Xylo and hence the similarity extends right up to the C pillars. However, M&M has given the Quanto some distinct SUV design cues, like blackened D pillars, roof rails, footboards and the spare wheel mounted on the tailgate (it gets an anti-theft lock too). Crucially, the spare wheel’s dimensions are not counted when measuring the length of a car. With all rows in place, luggage space is pretty limited. Fold the last two seats, however, and you get a reasonably big boot. For the price, the Quanto is quite well equipped and comes with essential features like a two-DIN, USB, SD Card and Aux-equipped music system, power steering, two airbags and ABS. The dashboard, a carryover from the Xylo, houses the Digital Drive Assist System (DDAS) that gives you information on your distance to empty, average fuel economy and outside temperature.


Mahindra Quanto exterior

Mahindra Quanto exterior

There are sophisticated looking stripes that run along the sides of the car- this does not only improve the looks of the car, it also makes it aerodynamically more stable. On the safety front, it is loaded with some crucial protective features that ensures security of its passengers and the vehicle as well. The list includes a digital immobilizer, child safety locks, dual front airbags, central locking system and a few other features that adds to the safety quotient. We already mentioned that this car has been compared with the Mahindra Xylo. This is purely because of the fact that the Quanto’s design is quite similar to that of the Xylo. Both the cars share a ladder frame body and the analogous interiors. The Quanto is less than 4 meters, which makes it eligible for the 12% excise duty. The car looks really appealing and it comes in a convenient size.

There is a large radiator grille present in its front facade that looks quite aggressive. The headlight cluster is in a trendy design, while the wide bumper is well sculpted and painted in body color. The sides look attractive with stylish features like external mirrors and alloy wheels in the top end trim. Coming to its rear profile, it has a large boot lid with company’s badge and a radiant tail light cluster that further adds to its appearance. The car comes equipped with a rear stepney. The most striking feature of the car is the Digital Drive Assist System which is mounted on the dashboard. This will provide the driver with all the necessary stats about the car and its performance so that the driver has a greater control over the car and his/her environment. The driver can learn about the vital stats, date, time, inside/ outside temperature, etc. through the assist system.

The Quanto isn’t a scaled down Xylo, but essentially the same MPV with its tail chopped off. The result is awkward proportions, accentuated by the tall, 1.9-metre height and the short four-meter length. In fact, the ladder chassis has been made quite compact- the whole chassis can fit under 4 meters in length. The car comes with body colored front bumper and a chrome plated rear grille as well. There is a convenient and sporty looking roof rail on the car as well.  M&M has carried over as much from the Xylo as possible and hence the Quanto’s front has the same ‘raised-eyebrow’ headlights and a similar bumper. A new lip above the toothy front grille, as well as a more defined ‘V’ on the bonnet lends differentiation.


Mahindra Quanto steering1

Mahindra Quanto steering1

The suspension works quietly and insulates the cabin from road shock and, at low speeds, the ride is quite comfy. Factor in the Quanto’s compact footprint and high seating position, and you get a vehicle that is well suited to the daily urban grind. The modest top speed is a good thing, because the Quanto’s high-speed handling doesn’t inspire confidence. The top-heavy SUV tends to rock and never feels settled. The steering, which isn’t exactly bristling with feel or accuracy, doesn’t help either. Grip levels are pretty good, but that only accentuates the excessive body roll which, along with the tendency to pitch on an uneven surface, makes the Quanto a bit of a handful on any road that isn’t smooth and straight. In the city, the Quanto is much better behaved. The ride is still fidgety and never feels settled, but the way it tackles potholes and bumps is quite impressive.


Mahindra Quanto engine

Mahindra Quanto engine

The Quanto and Xylo share the same 2760mm wheelbase, which suggests there is no compromise on space for the first two rows. The Quanto also uses 15-inch wheels, but the narrower and lower-profile tyres (65 profile versus the Xylo’s 75) further enhance the car’s top-heavy stance. The Quanto is 535mm shorter than the Xylo and a big advantage of shedding so much metal is that it weighs a considerable 190kg less. However, at 1640kg, it is still unduly heavy for such a compact vehicle. The Mahindra Quanto has a Mcr100 1.5 liter diesel engine that can produce 100 bhp of power. The car can generate 240 Nm of torque in 1600- 2800 rpm. The fuel efficiency of the car is surprisingly good for a car that qualifies as an SUV- the car is capable of providing 17.2 km/pl in the city! Even though the car has been compared to the Mahindra Xylo, the acceleration and the pickup of the Quanto is much better than the Xylo. The5MT320 transmission available in the car provides for a smooth ride.

The micro hybrid technology of the car ensures that the car is automatically put on standby when the gear has been kept in neutral for more than 2 minutes. This would ensure that a lot of fuel is saved, especially in signals and traffic jams. This robust vehicle is powered by a 1.5-litre diesel engine that is skillfully mated with an efficient five speed manual transmission gear box. This motor can generate a maximum power of 100bhp in combination with 240Nm peak torque output, which is rather good. It is bestowed with an advanced disc and drum mechanism that is quite reliable and assisted by ABS and EBD in C6 as well as C8 variants. As far as its suspension is concerned, it is also very proficient and can help keeping the vehicle well balanced at all times, irrespective of the road conditions. Its handling is made easier with the help of a responsive power assisted steering system that is tilt adjustable as well.

Powering the Quanto is a 1493cc, three-cylinder version of the powerful and capable 2.2-litre mHawk common-rail diesel engine. M&M engineers concentrated on insulating the cabin from noise and vibration and, for the most part, the Quanto is pleasantly refined. The engine settles down to a smooth idle and there’s only a hint of pitter-patter from the three-cylinder motor. While 98.6bhp of power and 24.5kgm of torque from the small-capacity engine may not appear generous, the well-judged gearing and the two-stage turbocharger (a first on this class of car) results in impressive driveability. The engine hits a sweet spot from as low as 1600rpm and there is a linear and strong tug all the way past 3000rpm, making the Quanto ideal for low-speed and in-traffic driving. Trundling along in third gear at 30-40kph, you need just a gentle squeeze of the throttle to ease past slower cars.

However, the superb low-speed driveability comes at the cost of top-end punch. Even the mid-range isn’t particularly strong. The rubbery gearshift doesn’t feel great either, but it’s something you cannot avoid during quick overtaking manoeuvres. The shortfall in grunt requires a downshift or two. Also, the three-cylinder diesel thrum becomes more apparent once you get past the 2500rpm mark and is hard to shake off at high revs. In fact, revving the engine to its 4600rpm redline is pointless as, in the last 1500rpm, it only gets more vocal without adding any pace. You feel the shortfall of power most when you load up the Quanto with a full complement of passengers or when powering up a hill road. For the record, the Quanto takes a leisurely 16 seconds to reach 100kph and reaches a top speed of 143kph.

Efficiency & Mileage Review

Mahindra Quanto test drive mileage

Mahindra Quanto test drive mileage

Despite its considerable weight and cliff-like aerodynamics, the Quanto was surprisingly fuel efficient, and though it’s nowhere near as frugal as a hatchback, it acquitted itself quite well with figures of 14kmpl in the city and 17kmpl on the highway. A fuel tank capacity of 55 liters gives it a practical range of over 700km on the highway between fills. It’s available in four different variant and all variants are in Diesel engine that listed below with their mileage.

Mahindra Quanto C2 (1493 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 17.14kmpl on highway and 14.8kmpl in city.

Mahindra Quanto C4 (1493 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 17.14kmpl on highway and 14.8kmpl in city.

Mahindra Quanto C6 (1493 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives mileage of 17.14kmpl on highway and 14.8kmpl in city.

Mahindra Quanto C8 (1493 cc, Diesel, Manual, gives mileage of 17.14kmpl on highway and 14.8kmpl in city.

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