Hyundai i20 elite (Asta) 2014 Specifications, Mileage, Price and Test Drive Review

Hyundai i20 is manufactured by the South Korean company Hyundai since 2008 and its second generation car i20 elite. Hyundai has launched its first i20 model in year 2008 and launched it in the market with some changes in year 2012. And now again on 11th august 2014 Hyundai launched their new model Hyundai i20 elite in four different models. Today many people who are planning to buy a car in near future are searching a lot for Elite i20 to know everything about this perfect car in detail, so to help them in selecting the perfect Drive, Here we bring Hyundai i20 elite (Asta) 2014 Mileage, Review, Test Drive & Price in Detail.

Hyundai i20 Elite (Asta)

Hyundai i20 elite Asta

Hyundai i20 is a premium class car which is made by Hyundai for Indian modern markets demands. This car has very stylish loos, good diesel engine & lot more features. This car also provide the customer rear AC to control the environment. i20 has high ground clearance than before.

Hyundai i20 Elite Engine Specifications | Performance

Engine 1197cc (1.2 L)
Power maximum power of 83ps@6000rpm
Torque 11.7 kg/m
Gears 5-Speed  transmission
Number of cylinders 4
Valvetrain Type 4 Cyl, 16 Valves
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 45
Fuel Type Petrol

Mileage Petrol and Diesel

Diesel 22.54kmpl
Petrol 18.6kmpl

Hyundai i20 Elite Price

Diesel Rs. 7.67Lakh
Petrol Rs. 6.47Lakh

Hyundai i20 Elite Test DriveReview

Positive Points in Hyundai Elite i20

Hyundai i20 is made to impress the Customer of Indian market. This car’s Steering is Made with leather Its aggressive style LED lamp are very cool in their looks. Hyundai i20 hasgreat after sale services for their customers and this car comes with great comfort on its suspension and steering wheel movements.

Negative Points in Hyundai Elite i20

It’s interior quality is not much good as the design is made. The  person with the 5’11 would find himself uncomfortable while seating because his head touches the roof of the car. The difference between the price of petrol and diesel is very high as compared to the market car’s difference.

As we have discuss about the Hyundai i20 elite (Asta) 2014 Mileage, Price, Review and Test Drive of Hyundai  i20( Asta) and its performance on Indian roads, So we can say its a great car with its modern looks but the price they are offering is quite higher than the previous model of i20. Even after that, This is a money worth car as it comes with the fully loaded features in it. There is no doubt that this car going to be a great hit in the Indian Automobile market and the other companies going to look over it and have to make changes to their own models to compete with the new Asta.