Ford Eco Sport In Petrol Reviews In Detail

While deciding about buying a perfect ride, buyers look for many factors in cars and Fuel Efficiency of a Car is one of the biggest factor out of those but people also wanted to know about the Review about the model they are going to buy in current days. Review tells a person about how the other and expert people think about the positiveness and negativity of the car. Experts are those who are are going to tell you about the new car and its test drive taken about them and full detail how they felt about test driving that model of car and user review given by those people who already have bought that car and are going to tell you about the review that how is car after purchase. below we are going to describe you about Ford Eco Sport  In Petrol Reviews In Detail:

Ford Eco Sport

ford Eco sport1

ford Eco sport1

Ford India Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ford Motor Company in India. Ford Eco sport has launched in the year 2013 and have very low amount of booking. There are four trim options with the base version then you have Trend, Titanium and Titanium optional. The Eco Sport is the most important launch for Ford and looking at the success of the Renault Duster, the Eco Sport is destined to be a huge hit on the basis of what we have seen. The Eco Sport will be available in 4 variants and in 8 colors options. . But as time passed this car is competing with the i20 and swift and other Compact SUV.  The Eco Sport 1.0 Titanium costs Rs 8.52lakh while the Titanium (O) trim costs Rs 9.05lakh.


Ford Eco Sport Interior

Ford Eco Sport Interior

The design of the interiors are taken from the Fiesta sedan which is a no bad thing. It has the sporty looking center console with  glibly stacked buttons. The design and overall quality feel also has been improved. On the features front expect a lot of equipment on the Eco Sport such as a CD/MP3 player, USB/auxiliary slots, cooled glove box, steering controls, Smart without key Entry, rear parking sensors, push button start and Bluetooth.There is also a cool thing called as SYNC which means you tell the system any functions or tasks to do and it will do it. Things like using your MP3 player with your voice, listening your texts, streaming music and of course hands free calling. Eco Sport practical with twenty storage spaces inside,60:40 split rear seats and 346 liter trunk capacity. Despite the small dimensions Ford has managed to squeeze out some room at the back and space is on parking with competitor. There is decent legroom at the back and as we had found out the Eco Sport is reasonably spacious. This car comes with gigantic and  luxuriant interior. The silver and black  furnishingsare very stylish while the ice blue back light illumination is super cool.

The driver multifunction information system is another cool feature. Adjustable driver seat, Multi information dials, and a powerful air conditioning system with heating are other internal features and The speedometer of the Eco Sport looks modern  and trendy and there is adjustable external wing mirrors, steering mounted audio control and many more. The car comes with Dual front airbags and side airbags.

The driver’s seat has Height betterment, an armrest and ligneous support, though all adjustments are manual. Everything is within easy reach, and the stalks behind the wheel are electronic like BMW controls are – they don’t physically change position, but operate in the same way that mechanical stalks do. The indicator stalk has the lane change  feature where the indicator blinks three times before shutting off.


Ford Eco sport Exterior

Ford Eco sport Exterior

Ford Eco sport has been launched with the great exterior looks and durability of it. Ford Eco’s external appearance makes this car very dominate on the road. The broad radiator grille with a padded chrome strip makes a strong statement and the logo of the Ford is proudly mounted here. A few other chrome elements also highlight the grille. On both sides of the grille are the impressive headlight clusters which are powered by strong halogen lamps. The air dam in the front bumper aids in quick cooling. The Safety features are certain to impress you.

The toughened laminated glass of the front windshield provides a broad saunter and it is equipped with Intermittent wipers. Smooth side way profile, round shaped pea soup lamps surrounding the air dam, a rear spoiler with high mounted stop lamps, body colored side skirts and graze plates and the dual extraction pipes add to the blusterer statement of the car. The design is meaty but also compact and packs in a whole lot of details. The Eco Sport which is based on the Fiesta platform is a shining example of the new Ford design language. The very lenghty grille is another characteristic of the Ford design DNA which gives the Eco Sport a lot of presence. More interesting details include inclined A pillars and a short hood. The swing gate handle is built into the tail-lamp and is another highlight of the Ford Eco Sport innovative design. The spare tyre, with an exclusively designed wheel, is mounted on the swing-out door. The Ford Eco Sport Titanium has 16-inch Aluminium alloy wheels and a chrome  trellis. This compact SUV have 200mm ground clearance.

The Eco Sport does not look as appeal from the side view – the rear nozzle is comically short, and the sight of a tailgate-mounted spare wheel is not something we see these days. The Alloy-wheels on the top-end model are really nice and we hope these are offered as an option for lower chiselat dealer level.

The rear is dominated by the spare wheel, and on either side of the wheel are the tail-lamps. The spare wheel gets a cover for some markets, but for India it will remain on display. The tail-lamps are one of the best-designed features of the Eco Sport: the upper half of the left tail-lamp on the tailgate houses a part of the tail-lamp, while the right side houses the handle for the tailgate. It is so neatly integrated that at first glance it is completely unnoticeable.


Steering wheel

Steering wheel

Good handing is very important feature of any car it must be efficient to drive the vehicle perfectly according to the road conditions. Eco have a very Impressive handling on the city roads. The Electric steering is light and direct and the 10.6m turning circle means that this SUV is perfect for city driving. The 200 mm ground clearance is decent as well and Yet another  information is that the Eco Sport has a water wading ability of 550mm. Refinement and ride over bad roads will have to be good.

Stable responsive steering is the specimen of a quality drive. Electric power-assist steering adjusts to feel lighter in slow traffic and heavier at higher speeds for greater control. It also adapts to changing road and weather conditions, like cross winds, to keep you on track. Best of all, it only comes to your assistance when it’s needed, saving you fuel.


Ford Eco Sport Engine Performance

Ford Eco Sport Engine Performance

The engine and power train of the Ford Eco sport is powerful. The car is available with both petrol and diesel engines. The petrol variant is equipped with the Eco boost engine which is an award winning motor. The following are the petrol variants of the ford Eco sports:

Ford Eco sport 1.5 TiVCT Petrol Ambiente

Ford Eco sport 1.5 TiVCT Petrol Titanium

Ford Eco sport 1.5 TiVCT Petrol Titanium AT

Ford Eco sport 1.5 TiVCT Petrol Titanium Trend

It is a 1.0liter petrol unit using the direct fuel injection system. It churns out an impressive power of 122.5bhp at 6000 rpm with a maximum torque of 170Nm at 1400 to 4500 rpm.The use of turbocharger and timing belt has further improved the power of the engine. There are four cylinders inside the Engine of this Car.

The front wheels come with ventilated discs while the rear wheels come with drum based braking system. The stability of the car is further assured by the use of McPherson strut type of network with dual path mounts in the front and a semi independent twist beam along with reel springs for enhanced comfort in the rear.

Efficiency & Mileage

Engine efficiency

Engine efficiency

Fuel efficiency has a major effect on the sales figure of a companies model in the Indian market. Ford Eco sport has been manufactured to deliver the power and mileage on the Indian roads. You’ll be  hotly pursued to find better fuel economy than the 1.0Liter Eco Boost petrol engine. It gives you 18.9 kilometer to the liter so you can go further on one tank. That’s up to 20% less fuel compared than a traditional 1.6 liter petrol engine, and produces just 126g of  CO2 per kilometer. Ford Eco sport gives a fuel efficiency on Highway 18 kilometers and in City road conditions 13kilometers.

What does the Eco Sport’s drag co-efficient of 0.365 mean more fuel savings. Because you’re driving an urban SUV with the best aerodynamics in its class. From its ‘teardrop’ design profile to little details like the rear pylon kicker, it all works to limit wind discrepancy and reduce fuel consumption.

Ford Eco Sport is indeed the favorite  SUV (sport utility vehicle) of our country India. You can trip on to the challenging destinations in your own Ford Eco Sport in off road and snugly tracks, such is the sporty strength of this car. These are the reviews of the experts how they thing about the Interiors, Exteriors, Handling, Performance, Efficiency & Mileage. I hope you all like our post about the Ford Eco Sport Petrol Model Review please share and follow us on Twitter.