Datsun Go+ All Colors Photos

Datsun Go Plus is one the best good looking car launched by the parent company Nissan is a compact MPV designed to the MPV craze. With length still under the 4 metre mark that ensures excise duty benefits, Fitted with the same 1.2 litre petrol engine that the Dastun Go uses, Go Plus is spacious enough for seven with the 2+3+2 seating arrangement, though it is baptized a compact MPV. It has nicely made interior and exterior. Going to be locally manufactured in the Nissan-Renault facility in India, Dastun Go Plus is to target the typical Indian family that looks to buy a low cost car.It built on the same platform as the Datsun Go. The is starting for it is Rs. 3.8-4.6 Lakh. In this post we are going to share Datson Go Plus Colors [Photos] with photos. It is available in four different variants which is Datson Go Plus A, Datson Go Plus D, Datson Go Plus D1 and Datson Go Plus T. All comes with five different colors schemes that is white, ruby, gold, gray and Silver.

Datsun Go Plus in Gray Color

The car comes in lowest cost but gives a better feel inside it. The seat up and gearshift remind us the styling cues of the Datsun Go. The seat covered is covered with premium fabric upholstery. The AC is fitted to the central console of the dashboard. The front row cabin has got a lot of leg room and head room, though the third row is not as attractive. The third row, however, is just not usable as getting in is the first hurdle. Only the backrest of the second row folds down; you have to clamber over the seat to get in, and once there, you’ll find you have absolutely no space. The seat is placed on the floor, there is no space for your feet and headroom is non-existent. Even children will be severely cramped here. The space can be made use of, though. Flip the backrest, and it’ll fit three or four large suitcases and while folding down the backrest of the second row gives the Go+ the practicality of a mini estate car. While some of the inside bits, like the steering wheel, dashboard and door-pads, are well put together, there are clear signs of cost-cutting. The doors and hatch, for example, feel extremely ‘tinny’, the boot lid lacks cladding and only the front passengers get retractable three-point seatbelts.

Datsun Go Plus is the MPV version of the Datsun Go and has modern look and trendy exterior. It has stylish appearance with the roof dropping towards the back and the strong shoulder line being carried to the rear. It gets elegant headlight cluster and perforated radiator grille with thick chrome surround. The front bumper is designed with air-dam and air-ducts. The side profile with its expressive lines gives the car a lengthy stylish look. The rear too looks elegant with its combination tail light cluster, body colored bumper, prominent company logo and chrome plated model logo. Designed as a comfortable family lounge, the Datsun Go Plus never compromises on the comfort and security. The vehicle is highly maneuverable and reliable as well. The MPV gets exactly the same interior features as the Datsun Go hatchback and keeps the cost affordable for the typical Indian family. The company has designed the Go Plus with a length of 3995 mm and a width of 1635 mm. A decent height of 1485 mm is assured and the wheelbase measures 2450 mm. It gives mileage of around 20 kmpl on highway and 17 kmpl in city.

1. Datsun Go Plus in White Color

Datsun Go Plus in White Color

Datsun Go+ in White Color

2. Datsun Go Plus in ruby Color

Datsun Go Plus in exterior photos of  Ruby Color

Datsun Go Plus in exterior photos of Ruby Color

3. Datsun Go Plus in gold Color

Datsun Go Plus HD pics in Gold Color

Datsun Go+ Gold Color

4. Datsuon Go Plus in gray Color

Datsun Go Plus in Gray Color

Datsun Go Plus in Gray Color

5. Datsun Go Plus in silver Color

Datsun Go Plus in Silver Color

Datsun Go Plus in Silver Color

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