Chevrolet Beat Diesel Model Review in Detail

Chevrolet Beat is one the best selling hatchbacks available in India. The Chevrolet Beat has nice design on the outside and interior that makes it a high quality and people’s first choice. It is one of the car has all the latest functions, designed in India. It has a more space that can contain five persons and equipped with high-end safety features. The Diesel engine available within range of Rs.4.7-6.1 Lakh.

This vehicle has a spacious cabin that can contain five adults and is equipped with high-end safety features. One of the main highlights of this vehicle is that it provides great mileage. The Chevrolet Beat is giving tough competition to Hyundai i10, Ford Figo, Honda Brio and Tata Indica. It is a small yet stylish vehicle that is easy to drive in all congested areas. In the below post we are share some of our experience of  Chevrolet Beat Diesel Model Review in Detail with you.


Chevrolet Beat Interior in HD

Chevrolet Beat Interior in HD

The strong design of the exteriors is carried over to the cabin as well and this, along with impressive interior quality, makes the Beat quite a special place to be in. The switches and buttons operate with a meaty feel and the nicely textured plastics are among the best we have seen in a small car. Slip into the driver’s seat and you are literally hugged by the generous bolstering and soft cushioning. Lower back support  is terrific but sadly the short and sloping seat base offers little under-thigh support. Front passengers are greeted by the terrific-looking twin cockpit (as GM likes to call it), which swoops into a central V. The cabin is wrapped in premium fabric upholstery. Also the dual-tone appearance of the inside of the car provides it with a modern yet classy touch. The interior is kept uncluttered that gives it a spacious feel. The switches and controls are mostly intuitive, and are placed within the reach of the driver. The center console has a storage compartment for small objects. There are compartments for bottle holders in the door trims. The tailgate opens to a generous luggage space of 170 liters. Also the rear seats can be folded into a 60:40 ratio. This provides a flat surface that can be used as extra space for loading.

The vehicle comes with a CD Player and Radio. It also comes equipped with USB sockets that are meant for the MP3 and iPod. This system supports USB port, AUX-In and has four speakers at front and rear. This hatch has a sporty outer appearance and includes some trendy exterior aspects. It has a bold front dual port radiator grille, while the headlight cluster has a trendy design. The rear end include striking aspects like a dual tone bumper and jewel effect tail lamps. In addition to these, it has spoiler mounted LED stop lamp, windscreen made of tinted glass and silver satin finished roof rails that makes this hatch stand out.The car maker has loaded several important safety aspects that ensures protection to its occupants and vehicle as well. The top end trim has anti-lock braking system and front seat belt with load limiter. Other variants include central locking and driver seat belt reminder, which is on the instrument panel. It is offered with four petrol and diesel variants. Recently, the company has added a Manchester United Limited Edition with an exclusive set of interior and exterior aspects.

Its exteriors are decorated with sporty decals along with Manchester United logo, which gives it a stylish look. Its interiors too get a few updates like plush black carpet mats, special seat covers and illuminated scuff plates. Other variants are bestowed with a pleasant internal cabin that has a blue illuminated instrument panel equipped with several notifications. It is incorporated with well cushioned seats that are covered with semi fabric upholstery. The dashboard is neatly designed and equipped with equipments like a three spoke steering wheel, AC vents and a center console. It has an integrated audio unit that keeps the occupants entertained throughout their journey.

The dashboard is as functional as it is stylish and the Beat’s engineers have cleverly carved out storage space wherever possible. There’s a plethora of cubbyholes and the small niche (for your mobile) just behind the steering wheel is a neat touch. Even the door pockets are large enough to take small bottles. The dashboard’s cool blue lighting looks great but the Beat’s party trick is the instrument pod which sits on the steering column. There’s a conventional- looking speedo but the silver, oblong LCD display for the rpm, odometer, fuel gauge and clock looks like it’s been plucked off a superbike. Unfortunately, this toy-like display doesn’t work as well as it looks. With rising revs, the rev counter scale goes from big to small.

It should have been the other way around for the driver to better judge the rev limit. Also, tall drivers will find the speedo masked by the slightly large three-spoke steering wheel.  Adjusting the column (for height) won’t help as the instrument pod moves up and down with it. There are other ergonomic glitches too. The dash is a bit high-set and the lack of seat height adjust could pose a problem for short drivers. Also, the small rear screen and the blanked-out area in the place of the rear three-quarter windows hamper visibility. And the gear ever (which has an oddly shaped knob) is set a bit too far back to accommodate the front cupholders.

Moving to the rear seat, the dark interiors and small windows have no doubt made the ambience a bit gloomy but it’s not as claustrophobic as we expected. Legroom is surprisingly good and despite the sloping roofline, headroom isn’t bad either.  Overall, it’s reasonably comfy for two at the rear on the soft and springy seats but, like with the front, under-thigh  support is in short supply. The 170-litre boot is disappointingly small and best for just a few small soft bags. What’s more, the narrow opening of the tailgate doesn’t make loading luggage easier. The car is very well equipped though. This top-end version has two airbags, ABS, climate control, CD player with USB, alloy wheels and power windows.


Chevrolet Beat exterior

Chevrolet Beat exterior

The bumpers of the Chevrolet Beat are of the body color. The fog lamps are placed in the lower section of the car that add to its look and safety.  The Chevrolet cars are known for their distinct dual-port grille design. The door handles are a bit sunken and the angular lines of the chassis gives the car a bold and sporty look.

The taillights are positioned at a higher section in the car. This hatchback also has prominent wheel arches that also help in improving the aerodynamics of this car. The car is available in some funky and vibrant exterior finishes. The headlamps are stylish and angulary shaped that add to the dynamic look of the exterior.


Chevrolet Beat steering

Chevrolet Beat steering

The front end is particularly soft and the Beat tends to roll quite a bit. The mushy front end, coupled with those weedy 155/70 R14 tyres, mean that the Beat understeers quite strongly. This isn’t a car that encourages fast driving but instead likes to be punted around town where its compact dimensions and light controls make it an easy car to manoeuvre.  The Beat’s suspension is tuned for comfort and the ride quality is outstanding for such a small car; it soaks up bumps with remarkable ease. What adds to the sense of calm is the suspension that works unobtrusively and a stiff, well insulated chassis that filters out any unwanted sounds. It’s only the really big potholes or deep ruts that crash through. The Beat’s wide stance and relatively long wheelbase means greater stability at speed and grown-up driving manners. The big-car feel the Beat offers, especially on the highway, instills a lot of confidence in the driver.

The brakes are good with the right amount of progression and feel. There was no sign of fade throughout our brake tests and the Beat managed to stop dead in a reasonably shot distance. Wider tyres is something this car begs for as they would have reduced the stopping distance even further. But the Beat is no sporty hatch, the handling is predictable, safe and good, but it’s not brilliant like a Maruti A-star. The hydraulic power steering is pleasantly weighted and fairly quick but it feels dead around the straight-ahead position and doesn’t deliver the ultimate accuracy we would have liked.


Chevrolet Beat engine pic

Chevrolet Beat engine pic

The 1.2 motor has a decent top end and pulls strongly to its rev limit but its thrashy and raucous nature at high revs doesn’t encourage visits to the redline. This engine feels best at low revs and on part-throttle and is better suited for ambling along than full-bore acceleration. The gearshift has a long throw and, though light and easy to use, doesn’t have the crispness we would have liked. A small engine in a heavy body has to work hard, more so when the mid-range performance isn’t great. Hence, fuel efficiency is far from class-leading but it’s respectable all the same. In the city, the Beat returned a decent 11.5kpl while on the highway, the relatively short top gear made the engine spin more to record a modest 15.3kpl. It is paired with a five speed manual transmission gear box that transmits torque to its front wheels. This vehicle has a proficient suspension system wherein, its front axle is assembled with a McPherson strut and the rear one gets a compound crank type of mechanism.

The base and mid range variants are fitted with a set of 14 inch steel wheels, while the LT Option trim has a sporty set of alloy wheels. This five seater hatchback is offered with a standard warranty of three years or 1,00,000 kilometers, whichever is earlier and this period can be further extended at an additional cost. The Chevrolet Beat vehicle is able to run on three varieties of fuels- petrol, LPG and diesel. The Beat Diesel employs a 1.0 XSDE SMARTECH Engine. It provides 3 variants namely PS, LS, LT. These models are able to churn out a power output of 58.5 PS. This engine has a peak torque of 150 Nm. The car is able to provide a mileage of 25.44 kmpl. Due to these figures this car is also claimed to be one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles. The 4-cylinder 16V DOHC petrol engine has 3 variants namely PS, LS and LT. It is able to churn out a power of 80.5 PS and a peak torque of 108 Nm. It provides a mileage of 18.6 kmpl. The Beat LPG employs a 4-cylinder DOHC engine in its two variants namely LS and LT. The engine is able to provide a maximum power output of 80.04 PS and a torque of 104 Nm. These engines are linked to a 5-speed transmission that is manual.

The engine specifications in the limited edition and all other variants remains the same.The petrol trims are incorporated with a 1.2-litre, SMARTECH engine that displaces 1199cc. It can produce a peak power of 79.3bhp at 6200rpm in combination with a maximum torque of 108Nm at 4400rpm. This DOHC valve configuration based motor is also fitted with LPG fuel kit that helps in returning a decent mileage of 13.3 km/kg. The diesel variants are powered by a 1.0-litre engine that displaces 936cc. The maximum power generated by this motor is 57.6bhp at 4000rpm, while it yields torque output of 150Nm at 1750rpm.  The Beat comes with a fresh 1.2-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine which is a completely different unit from the UV-A’s  1.2-litre engine. This twin-cam, four-valve-per-head motor is well specced but in the present company of 1.2 petrol, doesn’t really break any new ground. It develops 79bhp at a peaky 6200rpm and max torque comes at a high 4400rpm.

While the power output is not quite as good as Japanese 1.2-litre motors, it is pretty respectable. But what blunts the Chevy’s ultimate performance is its above-average weight. At low revs the Beat is incredibly refined and near-silent at idle. The baby Chevy has a perky throttle response, which is useful in stop-and-go traffic but depress the throttle more than halfway and you instantly notice the lack of mid-range  punch.  It’s not a particularly effortless motor but if you work it hard, it will deliver respectable performance. The dash to 100kph is dispatched in a smart 14.8 seconds and in-gear acceleration is more than adequate as well. The top three gears are quite short, which makes highway overtaking quite easy and even with a full load the Beat doesn’t feel sluggish. The short fifth gear means highway cruising isn’t very relaxed but if you stay below 3000rpm (or 95kph) the Beat feels wonderfully refined.

Efficiency & Mileage Review

Chevrolet Beat mileage test drive

Chevrolet Beat mileage test drive

Chevrolet Beat has 10 different variants. Four are in Patrol variants, four are in Diesel variants and two are in LPG variants. The Beat Diesel has a powerful engine and which delivers an impressive mileage of 25 kmpl and reduces emissions, driveline noise and vibration. It is good for long drive and cities both.

Chevrolet Beat LS (936 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives  mileage of 25kmpl on highway and 21kmpl in city.

Chevrolet Beat LT (936 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives  mileage of 25kmpl on highway and 21kmpl in city.

Chevrolet Beat LT Opt (936 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives  mileage of 25kmpl on highway and 21kmpl in city.

Chevrolet Beat PS (936 cc, Diesel, Manual), gives  mileage of 25kmpl on highway and 21kmpl in city.

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